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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -

I took the one less traveled by..."


Personal training, my dream job.  At first personal training was just a job to me.  I was fortunate enough to get into WEMOCO and I quickly learned not only is this a dream job but it's a dream life.  Being able to work everyday and help people become the best version of themselves is not only a dream job but a true privilege.

One of the most valuable things WEMOCO taught me to do is to help others.  When I started body building, I had nobody to help me and didn't even know who to look for for advice.  Through WEMOCO I am fortunate enough to pay it forward and help other people reach their own fitness goals.  I have learned so much valuable information that has prepared me to work in my field, and succeed in college working towards an Exercise Science major.

claudio r. | hilton csd

"... And that has made all the difference."

robert frost

Our Purpose

In education, as in other walks of life, the traditional paths are the ones most traveled. In school, for example, the majority of students “travel” from kindergarten through grade 12 in general education, graduate and go on to college or directly into the workforce. But there is another road, one less traveled. Along that road you will find students who, by choice or circumstance, are in alternative programs. Students like Mike, whose love of cooking came from his grandmother. He excelled in the culinary arts program in high school and the “Make All the Difference” scholarship was there to help him pursue his education which led to work in high end restaurants and resorts and then to his own successful catering business. Or Lisa, who broke gender stereotypes by learning machining in a career and technical education program. Or Heng, a refugee from Cambodia who earned her GED and went on to get an associate’s degree in accounting. Or Kathy, who was at risk for dropping out of school, took the road less traveled, maintained perfect attendance and an A average, and then went on to college. Traditional funding programs do not provide support to find new and better ways to help students like Mike, Lisa, Heng and Kathy. And they do not provide help for these students to continue their education. So even though the number of students in alternative programs keeps growing, our ability to help them is not keeping pace.

You can also choose the road less traveled by becoming a Friend of the Foundation. Make all the difference in the lives of these students with your tax deductible donation to the Monroe 2–Orleans Educational Foundation.

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